Which air Jordans are suitable for girls?

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By WalterThornton


Now let’s face it, when it comes to  Air Jordans it really doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can rock just about any pair of sneakers if you feel like it. A great leader in the female fashion world is Billie Eilish. As seen in the picture below she is rocking a pair of Jordan 1 Retro Chicago’s, further proving that gender can sometimes be irrelevant when choosing your kicks.

However, if you are looking for a fresh pair of kicks that are tailored specifically towards women then we have some suggestions. My first recommendation would be the Jordan 6 Retro Aleali May (W). These shoes pop! They come in a predominantly rust pink color with a rust pink upper and laces with hints of red and a white sole. The Jumpman logo is on the back of the shoe in a red color making it stand out really well.

Another awesome pair that is designed for women (even though I would still wear these as a guy) is the Jordan 1 Retro High Rust Pink. These AJ 1’s come with a rust pink upper with black accents, a black Nike “Swoosh” and a white mid sole with a rust pink sole. I love these as they have hints of pink throughout the shoe but it’s still toned down enough that it isn’t over the top, these Aj 1’s would go brilliantly with a mostly black outfit as they would add a nice splash of color to mix things up.

My last pick would be the Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple. They come in a black, purple and white color way. Like the rust pink AJ 1’s these come with toned down colors with a splash of color (that being purple on these shoes). These should will go with many outfits so you really can’t go wrong.

With all of that being said I still believe that gender is mostly irrelevant when it comes to Cheap Air Jordans, as they are an inclusive brand that creates fire sneakers for all.