A Splash of the Korean Wave: How to Add Korean Fashion to Your Style

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By WalterThornton

If you have you been bitten by the “Hallyu” bug, and you want to be part of the Korean wave that is currently sweeping the world, one easy way is to introduce Korean fashion in your closet.

Korean fashion is extremely trendy and doable. Here are some tips to get you looking like a K-Pop celebrity in no time!

Latest Korean Fashion Trends

1. The layered preppy look

Elevate the clean and refined appearance of the preppy look by introducing layers. Korean fashion is all about layering preppy with comfortable and different types of textures. You can layer a timeless button-up shirt with a bejeweled collar or add a large bow at the collar for a preppy yet cute Korean look.

2. Sheer and clear for summer

If you intend to remain fashionable in the summertime, you can dress up in garments made from sheer products to keep you cool yet fashionable. Because Korean culture is somewhat conservative, women shy away from wearing shirts or blouses that are too low-cut. If you want to wear summer fashion in the Korean way, layer a sheer shirt underneath a low-cut blouse or a tank-top dress. This will keep you looking cool, but not be too revealing. 

3. Studded jackets or cardigans for an edge

If you’re not into the preppy, layered appearance, you can choose the spunky, rock-and-roll fashion that is popular in the streets of Korea. You can accomplish this by wearing a studded coat, or a cardigan with embellishments. If you wear these items with casual clothing, such as a plain t-shirt or faded jeans, you can make a fashion statement without being ‘too much’. 

4. Embellishments and colors fit for a princess

Korean fashion is the epitome of cute and charming. Outfits with frilly and ruffled details are always a feature of Korean style. Whether the bows and frills are small prints, or they are large, 3D embellishments, Korean style fully embraces the ‘cute’ look and allows everyone to tap into their inner princess. Soft pastels and bright colors like hot pink and floral prints are very popular in all seasons.

5. Korean heritage in hanbok style

Koreans are very proud of their heritage and like to express their culture and traditions through their fashion. For an uniquely Korean style, add elements of hanbok (Korean traditional wear) into your outfits. You can add a traditional-style hairpin, or wear a hanbok-styled top that will give your outfit an extra aura of elegance.

It can be difficult to wear full hanbok, so we recommend wearing modernized hanbok items such as pretty blouses, or Hanbok dresses that are double-duty. You can wear them as one-piece dresses on their own as a normal dress, or you can add a hanbok-inspired layer to emphasize the Korean aspect.

6. 80’s funk

If you love the 80’s, Korean fashion will definitely match you. 80’s fashion has been given a modern Korean twist. You can have your choice from bold, bright printed tees, to the relaxed hareem trouser, and neon sportswear inspired casual outfits. It is not uncommon to see people wear neon, especially as part of sportswear that is not just for the gym, but part of Korean street style.

Other Korean Fashion Items For Your Closet

Here are some examples of items that will include an additional oomph to your closet.

  • Studded cardigans or jackets
  • Chiffon striped sweaters
  • Neon striped sweaters
  • Loose-fitting harem pants
  • Chiffon tops to layer
  • Long, t-shirt dresses
  • Shirt featuring bows on the collar or sleeves
  • Cute sleeveless hoodie

Whichever style or fashionable items you decide to try, have fun with it! Fashion is all about exploration and trying different things that make you feel comfortable in your own skin, confident, or feeling daring and bold. Once you mix and match from different things that you like and get inspiration from celebrities and others, you will slowly develop your own style that you love!