“Prince Naveen”

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By WalterThornton

Prince Naveen was born in Maldonia. He lives with his parents, the queen and the king. Naveen said that his parents were too busy running the kingdom for him to spend time with them. He also stated that his mother used servants who would read him stories every night before he went to bed. The King and Queen of Maldonia had finally had enough with the prince’s erratic behavior and excessive partying. They cut him off from their wealth and forced him to get a job or marry a wealthy young woman.

Prince Naveen Playful Nature

It is not that his personality was malicious. Naveen’s privileged upbringing meant that he was extremely spoiled and lazy. Naveen arrived in New Orleans intent on marrying Charlotte La Bouff to get her wealth. His only concern was to “live life to its fullest” and party as much as possible. He was adamantly against work and labor, and he tried to avoid it at all costs. Lawrence, Naveen’s valet, was annoyed by this Fancy Nails and Naveen ended up humiliating Lawrence for many years. Naveen, despite his flaws, isn’t as confident as he would wish. He can also be humble, devoted and romantic. Tiana, a strong-willed, ambitious girl, would have a major influence on the Prince Naveen. She would unknowingly bring out his best qualities, inspiring him to change his goals and become a better person. From that point on, Naveen has ceased to be concerned about parties and he instead aims to improve himself and help Tiana realize her dreams. He is a selfless individual who values the happiness of others. He is very embarrassed when he admits to his mistakes. Naveen quickly became friends with Louis, Ray, and New Orleans’ citizens. They all loved the Prince Naveen playful nature. Naveen was a friend and a supporter of Louis’ dreams to be a musician. Tiana would also enjoy Naveen’s antics as she had been encouraged to have fun and enjoy the world.

The film Prince Naveen, Maldonia is a prince who arrives in New Orleans to improve his financial position. Naveen, who has been cut off by his parents, is forced to marry Charlotte, a wealthy southern belle. Naveen’s honour is being hosted by “Big Daddy” La Bouff (a sugar baron and Charlotte’s father). Naveen and Lawrence meet Dr. Facilier who is a voodoo witch physician. Facilier invites them to his emporium and convinces them that they can fulfill their dreams. However, neither man gets what he wants. Naveen is made to look like a frog while Lawrence receives a voodoo charm making him look like Naveen. Tiana meets Naveen at the masquerade, and he, believing Tiana to be a Prince Naveen due to her costume, asks Tiana to kiss him. Tiana agrees to pay Naveen the money she needs for her restaurant. Tiana becomes a frog instead of Naveen becoming a human again. Tiana and Naveen are chased and escape to a bayou.

Tiana and Naveen are at the bayou when Louis, a trumpet-playing alligator, longs to become human, and Ray meet Ray, a Cajun firefly who is in love with the Evening Star, which he believes is another firefly named Evangeline. Louis and Ray offer to take Tiana and Naveen to Mama Odie, a hoodoo priestess who they believe can reverse the curse. Tiana and Naveen start to feel for one another. Facilier, a voodoo spirit, makes a deal to give the spirits the souls of New Orleans in return for Naveen’s discovery. Tiana and Naveen openly confess their love and tell each other as the film progresses. Charlotte then agrees to kiss Naveen. They kiss each other as soon as the clock strikes midnight, but they decide to live happily together as frogs. Mama Odie marries Tiana and Naveen. Tiana, now a Prince Naveen, is restored to her human form following their wedding. Tiana and Naveen opened the new restaurant after the couple returned to New Orleans for their celebration.