5 “Mikasa Cosplay” That Look Just like the Anime

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By WalterThornton

Hajime Isayama’s anime/manga hit series Attack on Titan features oversized humanoids (the Titans), who are determined to take over the mikasa cosplay world and devour all living things. Hero Eren Jaeger and his friends Armin, Mikasa answer the call to battle these giant terrors. The plot continues to get more complicated.

Attack on Titan is one of our favourite anime action scenes, and many cosplayers feel the same way. Cosplay is a popular way to portray characters such as Levi, Eren, and Mikasa. Today, we will be looking at ten dedicated cosplayers that bring mikasa cosplay Ackerman alive. Let’s see how they do it!

1.Coy Mikasa Cosplay

The list begins with Mikasa’s playful side. This poor girl has suffered a lot of trauma. But, more than anything, she’s a highly skilled Scout Red Leggings warrior and Eren’s personal bodyguard. It’s still nice to see her feminine side. She’s just adorable.

Mikasa’s cosplay is done in Scout uniforms. The detail on that uniform is amazing. The cosplay is made more interesting by the wig and scarf than it is by the gentle background.

2. Street Clothes

The next photo shows mikasa in street clothes. However, the Scouts logo has been sewn to the sleeves. It’s rare to see the main characters in anime in more than one outfit, such as school uniforms or military uniforms. So it’s nice to see them in different clothes.

Here, mikasa’s cosplay is subtle. She wears a black leather jacket with a dark red shirt underneath. At least, she’s not one to wear flashy gowns and frilly dresses while in character. We like the focus and mystery of mikasa’s cosplay. It is more practical and tough.

3. Here Comes the Scarf

This is a surprise treat! A cosplay photo can be taken as a single shot. This is fine for the most part. Sometimes, however, cosplay can be set up like the original manga panels.

We meet mikasa in cosplay in a forest setting. This is very accurate to anime (trees are great as ODM gear). Mikasa cosplay doesn’t play games. She has a serious expression and then raises her scarf like a mask. The close-up of the second panel is a great shot.

4.Action Girl mikasa cosplay

Now, mikasa cosplay has begun. This cosplay is on point from bottom to top. This panel feels exactly like the manga’s well-drawn panels. As per the manga, we get another forest setting. The uniform looks high-quality and  it certainly seems like it is made of high-quality material.

A set of heavy-duty holsters is also worn by the cosplayer for extra blades. They look just like the real deal. This cosplay features a stern expression and a fine wig. There’s even an effect of warhead detonation at the bottom for us to take action!

5. Get the Job Done Right mikasa cosplay

We all hope that mikasa cosplay and Armin will one day create a peaceful place where they can smile and laugh together. We believe they have earned it.

This shot shows mikasa looking proud of her victory. The autumn setting makes this cosplay stand out from the rest. You can  see how this cosplay mikasa has her blade casually crossed over her shoulder… it must be looking good!