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Check out our reviews if you haven’t been before. Fancy nails Salon Richmond is a team that loves to keep our clients happy.

We are a long-established fancy nails salon and have all the products and styles you want, such as acrylic, SNS, and buff and polish. We will deliver what you want if we are asked.

You can also catch up on beauty products while you are here. We offer both men and women waxing, and stunning eyelash extensions and other brow and lash services.

Fancy Nails Salon has a convenient location on Mikasa Cosplay Church Street. It is certain to be your favorite place for nail care, beauty and other services.

Fancy Nails Make every treatment memorable

Fancy Nails has a new look. It’s the perfect place to get that special look as we welcome in the new year. Book an appointment with us for your special event, such as a bridal party, birthdays, or other special occasions.

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7 Unexpected French Manicure Trends: Adding Colorful Twists to a Classic Look


Choose your favorite florescent color and substitute it for white tips using inspiration from Nyah, a San Diego-based nail artist, or Michelle Humphrey, a British manicurist’s Day-Glo lime.

You don’t have to pick one. Instead, take cues from Riley Miranda (aka La Lady fancy nails) and opt for a neon Skittles look. Or, you can paint your bright tips onto a base like Amy Le. Kourtney Kardashian recently approved the multi-toned French manicure.

2.Red Fruits

A tiny selection of strawberries or cherries can be added to your French Manicure, just like Kimberly Thu, a Miami-based nail artist, did on a few of her clients. You’ll find fruits in other colors, such as grapes and watermelons, just as tasty.

3.Negative Space

Instead of using a straight line of color, create a thin frame around your typical half-moon. Hang Nguyen, a nail artist based in Los Angeles, outlined Le’s French manicure using classic rainbow colors. Nyah used neons. Nyah tried the trend with blue and orange gradients.


Although tie-dye has been a staple in your wardrobe for a while, have you thought about adding this nostalgic look to your nails? Rosie Lynall (aka Nails Bab) and Le, a British nail artist, painted arcs of ROYGBIV, before swirling them together to create their psychedelic rainbow tips.

5. V-Shaped Tips

You can achieve a French manicure no matter your nail shape — square, almond, coffin or round — using rounded silvers around your tips and sharp Vs to highlight the same area. Riley Miranda’s handiwork looked brighter thanks to a beige base. London-based nail artist Pria B aka BhamBNails complemented Riley Miranda’s rainbow points with her eyes. Anouska Anastasia (cofounder of London’s Nuka Nails) demonstrated how this look works with square fancy nails in the lower left corner.


Butterfly manicures are making a comeback, thanks to the influence of ’90s fashion on nail trends. Honey, a New York City-based technician, believes that butterfly manicures have a deeper meaning. She explains that butterflies are a symbol of rebirth. To really experience any kind of newness, we must first go through the struggle. All of this is new to our eyes.

7.Mix and Match

We’ve shown you that your French manicure doesn’t need to be limited to one shade. You don’t need to settle for one style. (You have Miss Pop’s consent. Each finger should have a unique look. Miya Adams, aka thenailritual, added some ’90s elements while Amber Hancock, a British nail artist, painted a pale pink base with cute crescents and eggs, clouds and sparkles. Lynall used a cow print and cherries to create the bottom row. She also added a smiley face, flowers, and cherries. Thu’s version, however, featured flames and strawberries.