Fashion Statement: Women’s masks

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By WalterThornton

Although masks may be around for the long-term, this does not mean that you should sacrifice style for safety. You can find fashionable women’s masks that will let you show off your style and personality, while protecting your skin.

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Find the perfect fit for your women’s mask

Stitch Fix is an expert in finding the perfect fit for you. The same applies to women’s face masks. Safety is paramount when choosing a face mask. It won’t protect you if it is too large or too small.

Your face mask should be completely covered from your bridge to your chin. The mask should be snugly fitted across your face, allowing you to comfortably breathe and speaking. Face masks that have a filter pocket can offer additional protection to you and your loved ones. Make sure you change your filter at least once a week. Before you place the mask on your face, wash your hands.

Features of the Women’s Face Mask

It is not easy to find the right mask for you. Faces aren’t one-size fits all. There are many styles of women’s masks. You can choose whether you prefer a flat, pleated mask or one that sits lower on your face. Look for masks that have a flexible wire at the nose bridge. You can customize your fit with adjustable ear loops and bands that wrap around the head.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends two layers of thickly weaved, cotton material for face masks. The tighter the weave is, the less likely that droplets will pass through the mask. Cotton is your best choice because it’s durable and breathable for daily activities.

Breathability is crucial for women’s gym masks. This will ensure that you stay safe and dry while working out. Choose thicker stretch blends like spandex and polyester, which are similar to a diving material. These fabrics are designed to keep you dry and wick moisture away even during the most strenuous workouts.

You should also consider washing washable fabrics so that you can throw your face-covering in the washer at the end the week, or the day after a hard workout. Avoid breakouts from mask acne and “mask-ne”, by changing out your washable mask frequently.

Stylist tip: It is impossible to have too many good things, especially when it comes to face masks. A few masks will help you keep your skin covered while your mask is being washed.

Look out for women’s masks in trendy colors and prints

You can refresh your spring face-cover collection by selecting masks in trendy prints and colors. The spring color palette is heavily influenced by nature so make sure to choose feminine masks for women that are bright and vibrant in sky, greens, browns, and reds. This spring’s neutral tones will be revived with creamy almonds and smoky darks. To coordinate with almost anything, you can stash a face mask in one of these neutral tones into your purse.

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A face mask is a great way to add bold prints to your outfit. Trendy tie-dye is in fashion this season. Look for a mask for women that is decorated in tie-dye watercolors of your favorite colors. You’ll be trendy for the season if you give a floral pattern a try. You might prefer abstract polka dots and carefree brush strokes to feminine florals.

Accessories for women’s face masks

Any look can be elevated by a good accessory, including your mask. Are you constantly losing your mask? You won’t lose your mask if you have a handy mask necklace. This spring, chain-link accessories are in fashion. A gold chain-link necklace mask necklace will add some shine to your outfit. Beaded mask necklaces for women are a great way to add color and texture to any outfit.

You can be creative with your masks by pairing them with matching accessories. Matching women’s scrunchies and masks is a great way to make your ensemble more on-trend. Match your mask with your favourite bag or clutch to elevate your style. For a stylish and seamless look, choose a printed mask cover and a purse that draws color from the mask.

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To keep your mask clean and safe, instead of putting it in your bag after you take it off, carry a small pouch in your purse. To ensure that your face mask remains clean, make sure you only have your women’s mask in your pouch. Make sure that the pouch is washable. You can toss your masks in the washer at least once per week.