Spring Wedding Wear for Men

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By WalterThornton

A Simple, Easy Guide for Wedding Guests

Spring is here, and so is love. The bears are waking up from their sleep, the days are getting longer, and it’s time for wedding season. You received an invitation and aren’t sure what spring’s men’s wedding attire is. We can help you make an informed decision. Spring is undoubtedly the best season to be a guest at a wedding. Mild temperatures are required. This is a great time to experiment with pastels and microfloral.

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Learn how to decipher dress codes

Are you curious about which clothes match men’s spring wedding attire. The invitation will give you a clue. You can choose from casual to formal, or anything in between. You might find the right item in your closet, depending on how formal you are. You might need to spend a lot on a tuxedo, whether you rent it or purchase it. We’ll dive into each level of dress code so you are prepared for everything.

Men’s casual spring wedding guest attire

Weddings have evolved with the times. Engaged couples have had to be sensitive to the safety of their guests and still honor their wedding day. This could mean a small backyard ceremony or a simple courthouse ceremony that has a low-key celebration. It’s normal for guys to be asked to wear casual spring attire at their wedding. If the invitation does not clearly state that jeans are acceptable, you should stick to business casual pants such as chinos. For a more casual look, pair your bottoms with a well-fitting but untucked button-up shirt. You will find the right balance with polished, but comfortable shoes. You can choose from loafers, chukka boots, or sport-bottom sneakers made of leather. Think about putting your best foot forward.

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Semi-formal Spring Wedding Guest Dress for Men

Most weddings in March and June will require semi-formal spring attire. This dress level offers the greatest variety in options for outfits and layering. For simplicity, you can start with a pair of solid foundation pieces, such as a slim pair of trousers, a button-down shirt, and dress shoes. Layer with a sweater, sports coat or jacket that is a different shade than your pants. This doesn’t mean you have to be matching-matchy. A navy pair of slacks looks great with a light grey or tan blazer. You can show your style side with a pastel purple color or small-scale floral pattern. A simple knot tie, which is both classic and easy, can complete your look.

Black-Tie Optional, Formal Spring Wedding Dress for Men

Are you unsure what the differences are between “formal” or “black-tie mandatory”? You can take a breather, they basically mean the same thing. If you don’t want to wear formal or black-tie-optional men’s clothing for spring weddings, a three-piece suit will be your best option. A pair of trousers and a matching vest or blazer are all acceptable. For formal weddings, darker colors such as black, navy, or charcoal grey are preferred, especially if the event is in the evening. There may be some flexibility with color if the event takes place in the afternoon or morning. Based on their wedding colors, the couple-to-be might indicate which shades they would like their guests wear. If in doubt, stick with the customary and you won’t go wrong.

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Black-Tie Spring Wedding Dresses for Men

This is your chance to be James Bond. You’ll need a stylish tuxedo in black, or midnight blue for black-tie spring wedding attire. Satin details such as buttons, lapels and stripes down the pants are what distinguish a matching suit from a tuxedo. You will need a waistcoat, white shirt, and a bowtie to complete this look. Because they adhere to a set of rules, tuxedos look similar to uniforms. They are simple, which makes it less likely that you will make a mistake in sartorial sense. You don’t need any additional spy gear.