Workleisure: Return to the Office in Style and Comfort

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By WalterThornton

Many people are ready to say goodbye to working remotely and return to work. Our clients have seen their workwear needs increase by 12% between the fall and winter 2020. This is you? You may regret the day you threw away your favorite pair of joggers. Maybe you are eager to show off your professional skills again but don’t know where you should start. We predict that workleisure will be the easy, elegant, and comfortable solution to post-pandemic women’s fashion dilemma. Continue reading to find out more about this trend, and which items you should add to your closet.

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What is Workleisure?

Workleisure, as you can probably guess from its name, is a mix of leisure and workwear. The top fashion trend for fall 2021 is a balance of polished pieces and soft, stretchy fabrics. It’s the post-pandemic solution to business casual. But this time it’s business comfort. Comfort is a top priority for 81% of our women clients. We are anticipating the rise in knits and light shapes, instead of rigid pencil skirts and sharp-shouldered jackets. Are you ready to give them a try? Us, too.

Workleisure Tops

Let’s now get the scoop on women’s workwear. Now let’s look at what the “new norm” for tops is. There have been more requests for blouses in Fixes than last year. Knits are top of our list. Knits are a great choice, whether you’re looking for mixed-material shells and large surplice designs. These shirts are just as comfortable as your old blouses, but they have more style. You can spice up your options with bright colors like lime-green and tangerine. You can also spice up your in-person style with trendy details like square-neck tops and statement sleeves.

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Lovingly Laid-Back and Luxurious Layers

Layering pieces are a great example of the impact COVID-19 has on workwear. Structured jackets and blazers were once the norm, but now cardigans and soft silhouettes are the most popular in women’s workwear. Plaid-printed blazers are in high demand. They also have more stretch, which allows for better-fitting silhouettes. For your first day back at the office, don’t forget to wear a tunic blazer made with stretch fabric. This longer silhouette gives your outfit a relaxed look, but still looks smart. For those who prefer a more formal office, you can opt for classic colors or patterns such as black or a neutral-colored houndstooth this autumn.

Workleisure Bottoms

Relaxed silhouettes of women’s workwear bottoms will make it easier to transition back into the office. Clients are asking for elastic-waist options. We’re seeing a rise in requests this year. This new era is filled with knits, drawstring waists, and billowing hems. Do you see a pattern? Comfort reigns supreme. Scroll down to see our style forecast for workwear pants and skirts.

Secretly Relaxed Pants

Workleisure pants are a completely different type of pants than traditional work pants. These pants are designed to be comfortable and easy to move in. They also have a softer fabric texture that will make you feel more at home at work. You can find ribbed-knit trousers that hug you like a hug or button-up joggers with french terry interiors that keep you warm. These touchable options should be chosen in a length that is appropriate for work and the right size to achieve a polished look.

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Workleisure skirts: Soft and smooth

Sometimes you just don’t want to let your pants go. We get it. This is not the right choice for everyone. Skirts were the best friend of a woman before workleisure. Our clients are asking for workwear-ready skirts in an increasing number. We’re now offering a wider range of midi skirts with elastic waistbands and flowy midi skirts. A pleated midi skirt in satin finish will make you look stylish on your first day back to work. Silky textures feel soft against the skin and look elegant and sophisticated. For a Monday-ready look, pair your skirt with a cable knit sweater.

Back-to-the Office Shoes

After a year working remotely, it’s important to get back on track. We predict that footwear will become a place where you can show off your personality, especially for women’s workwear shoes. Your feet will feel comfortable and stylish, no matter what style you choose, whether it’s a patterned shoe or chic loafers, or even sneakers.

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Loafers: Workleisure’s Labor of Love

Loafers are the shoe of choice for work-wear footwear trends. These shoes never go out of fashion and are comfortable without sacrificing any sophistication.