Metal shoe racks: And organizers at their best

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By WalterThornton

You’ve probably struggled to find a way to store your shoes in a small apartment, no matter if you’re a Manolo fan or a sneakerhead. A pile of unmatched metal shoe racks in your entryway won’t look good. We spoke to 16 professional organizers in New York City and one in Raleigh about the best shoe storage options. Below are 21 of their top picks for shelves, racks and boxes.

The best Metal Shoe Racks Organizers Overall

Our organization experts recommend these clear-plastic shoe boxes by the Container Store as the best storage solution. Jamie Hord, Horderly Josh Duhamel Dating Professional Organizing says that clients should not keep their shoes in their original shoeboxes. Clear, uniform metal shoe racks allow you to see what you have and maximize your space. They also make it easy to organize shoes for off-season storage. They can also be stacked.

The best Metal Shoe Racks

This expanding rack is endorsed by three of our experts: Anna Bauer, Sorted By Anna, Schier and Kelley Jonkoff (a certified KonMari consultant, based in Raleigh), who swear by it. Schier says that the foam coating is crucial. It prevents the shoes from sliding off the rack. Jonkoff points out the adjustable width. This is a great feature if you are constantly moving. She says that moving is costly enough without needing to change your belongings to make your space smaller or larger. “I have had a similar design for more than ten years, and it still works.”

These simple metal shoe racks can be used to declutter spaces such as entryways. Matles says that although they may seem simple, they do the job well. These are great for adding shoe storage to your closet or in your entryway. This Homebi one is stackable.

Decker recommends these Shoe Slotz to maximize space on your shelves. They “increase storage space, prevent metal shoe racks from  being damaged sitting on top each other, and I can stack two shoes on top each other within the same footprint,” she said. Schier uses something similar and says, “They are an amazing game changer for flats and sandals. To prevent shoes from sliding off the shelf, Schier added rubber bumpers to their bottoms.