Rihanna drops “Ari Fletcher” from Savage X Fenty

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By WalterThornton

After Rihanna’s controversial comments about wanting her man pull a gun on her, fans speculate that Ari Fletcher was fired as Savage X Fenty brand ambassador.

Ari Fletcher is a social media influencer who was also a girlfriend to rapper MoneyBagg Yo. She lost her sponsorship deal at Savage X Fenty due to her comments about domestic violence. These comments did not go down well with many anti-domestic violent advocates and definitely offend Rihanna.

In December, Fletcher became a viral sensation after disturbing comments were made about her interview on a podcast in which she discussed her relationship with her boyfriend. She said that she wanted Ari to get a gun on Fletcher to show how much he loves her. Ari admitted that she was in many toxic unions in her past and that she sometimes throws temper tantrums.

She made the controversial comments when she spoke out about her past inimitative behavior. She also said that she felt like she was about leave her man, in the hope that he would do something to make it possible for her to stay.

Ari Fletcher stated on the podcast, “Like, take your gun out, and show me how, ‘b*tch, leave.” “I wish that you would leave the room.”

Ari Fletcher wasn’t prepared for the torrent of condemnation she would receive, not only from music fans, but also from organizations that tirelessly advocate for victims of domestic abuse. She was initially sceptical, but she retorted on social media shortly before the new year and advised critics to stop trying to get involved in her personal life.

She said, “If someone wants their man to take out a gun, they will!”

Ari Fletcher is an entrepreneur. She started her YouTube channel nearly five years ago and posted vlogs about everything, from hair care tips to make-up tips. AllHipHop.com reports that she founded KYCHE Extensions, her hair company in 2016, and has found many ways to market herself and her brand apart from her partner.

Fletcher claims that Instagram has allowed her to make money by posting for major brands. Fletcher has made millions of dollars by leveraging her social media platforms for brand partnerships with fashion companies such as Fashion Nova, Savage X Fenty and Fashion Nova.

Unfortunately, she now has one less company to her name as her photos have been removed by Savage X Fenty’s website. This leaves fans believing that Rihanna did not feel Fletcher’s comments. She also exercised her right of voiding the contract based upon the fine print section which deals with actions or comments that could taint her brand through association.

One fan said, “One thing about Rihanna is that she doesn’t play about domestic abuse, especially as a survivor.” Another fan said, “Fenty will tear up a contract the moment you start talking sideways.”

Who is APPLE WATTS and what did she say about ARI FLETCHER

She spoke out about how her relationship with Moneybagg Yo was “not toxic”. She said that she pulled her gun and showed her like, “b*tch leave.” “I wish you would leave the room.”

Ari made the comment about guns, which didn’t go down well among listeners. He took to Instagram Live in an attempt to address the backlash. This only angered even more fans.

Apple Watts is one of the people who responded to the Instagram Live. But who is she? What did she have to say? Let’s look at the drama.

Who are APPLE WATTS’s Customers?

Jontelle Lafaye Watts (or Apple Watts) is a model and rapper.

After appearing on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, she rose to fame. This show follows the lives and careers of emerging musicians in America.

The 35-year old from Alta Loma (California) joined the show in Season 5, and is still with the series in 2021.

Apple also appears in music videos for big artists like Wicked by Future.


Ari Fletcher responded to the backlash she received regarding her podcast, Don’t Call Me White Girl.

She said on Instagram Live: “To you’ll in comments like ‘Oh, when I was in relationship’, Nobody Cares. Nobody cares. Nobody cares what happened to you or what trauma you experienced. Nobody cares.”

You are trying to make others victims. Please stop. No one cares if you post your stories in the comments. We don’t really care. She continued, “We don’t care at all.”