Finding Closure Following Death Of A Family Pet

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By WalterThornton


All pet owners know that they are most likely to outlive their pets, but that does not make the loss any less painful. Many pet deaths are due to accidents and come very suddenly that their owners do not know how to deal with the loss and accept that they have already passed. It is very normal to feel heartache and pain after the passing of a pet and just because they were pets does not mean they weren’t family.

For owners who are struggling to cope with the loss because people make them feel as if the passing of a pet is not worth mourning, here are ways to find closure:

A Pet Memorial Ceremony

Just like humans, pets can also have their memorial ceremony complete with Sympathy gifts that will honor their life as beloved family members. A ceremony is a very meaningful and healing process while also allowing owners to say their final goodbyes. It is a special ceremony that marks the end of a great chapter and is very respectful towards the pet that was lost.

During the ceremony, it is best to say a few words to thank them for being companions and also to say goodbye one last time. Doing this can help with the healing and acceptance of the loss.

Do Not Hide The Emotions

For some people who have never felt a strong bond with their pets, their passing is nothing. However, loving and doting pet owners will feel a lot of sadness and maybe even anger after the passing. The same stages of grief for losing a human loved one can be experienced when losing a pet. There is no shame in feeling sad after the passing.

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot feel hurt and devastated by the passing of a pet because owners have the right to mourn and grieve.

Have Remembrances

Personalized sympathy gifts that commemorate the pet’s life is a good way to keep their memory alive. Simple things like a dedication plaque or even a special ornament is a good way to cope with the loss. These little remembrances bring comfort because just one look will bring back all the fond and loving memories that pets have given their doting owners.

Talk Openly About Death With Children

“They’re on a far with lots of room to run,” is classic line parents seem to tell their children when a beloved dog has passed suddenly. While it helps to keep a child’s innocence it is not very honest and will not help them process the loss correctly. It is best to be honest instead of deceiving in these situations because the early days will help shape children to become better adults.

The loss of a pet is hard for loving pet owners and their children, but that is the reality. Honor their lives by talking about them and creating special dedication gifts in their memory. Although they might never bark or purr once more, their spirit will be captured in memorial gifts so that they will never be forgotten.

Sympathy gifts can help console someone who has just lost a loved one. Little personalized tokens can help people celebrate the life of the departed.