Why Marriage Still Matters

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By WalterThornton

Marriage has become one of the hottest trending topics today as most people seek to find out more about this institution. There are many sites, such as With Couple, that still believes in marriage and the good that comes out of it. According to research, however, there has been an increase in the number of divorce cases which further begs the question; is this the reason why many people don’t believe in this institution anymore?

Most, if not all, people have undoubtedly fantasized about being married at some point in their lives. But as life happens, opinions tend to change due to how our society is set up but does this change what marriage really is and what it stands for? Probably not. Let us now get into detail why marriage still matters.

It creates a big impact on future generations

Studies have shown that children raised by both parents in the home tend to do so much better in life. This, however, is not to discredit single parents raising children by themselves.

Children that grow up with both parents who love and respect each other get to learn a lot about marriage, love, manage finances, and ultimately how to raise their own families. The solid foundation that their parents set has a huge impact on their lives in general. So much so, the family values stick with them and are also passed on to future generations.

Improves your health

Did you know that finding the right partner can improve your overall health? Marriage creates a strong bond between two people. Through marriage, you find a companion who often matches your energy. As such, you are able to be free with them and communicate openly at all times. This, in turn, means that you greatly improve your mental health as you won’t be bottling up things that might blow up later on in life. Also, the intimacy involved in marriage improves your health a great deal. You will not only be happy, but also your emotional, mental and physical health will be great hence improving our overall quality of life.

Improves your economic and social status

As the old maxim goes, two is better than one. And true to it, it sure is even while looking at marriage. When couples get married, they are able to grow and build their wealth as one. If both partners are working, for instance, they can pull their income streams together and make better financial decisions in their household. Additionally, married people even get a few tax benefits. And, we cannot ignore that family wealth is an important aspect in every home as children can be left with something to inherit later on in life.

In as much as people have trashed the institution due to some personal experiences or seeing other people going through a bad phase in marriage doesn’t mean that marriage is not worth it. Keep in mind; it is not always a smooth sailing; there are some hurdles on the road, but together, the married couple can overcome and emerge even greater and stronger. And, yes, marriage still matters!