“Rockabilly Fashion”

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By WalterThornton

Rockabilly fashion is a unique one because of its bold and rich colors as well as the old-fashioned style. Although it is rare to see a woman dressed in rockabilly fashion on the streets, this music genre and its style are making a comeback due to the changing music scene and the rising trend of modernized 60s and 50s fashion.

Here’s a guide for Rockabilly Fashion music lovers who want to learn the styles.

Tops and blouses

There are many options for tops that you can Puppy Culture choose from, including tank tops, halter tops, button-down blouses with tie-ups and more. Solid colors are also favored, but polka dots and stripes are the most popular. You should choose red, white, black and occasionally other colors.

Pants, Skirts and Dresses

Rockabilly Fashion dresses are a staple piece of clothing, with a lot of emphasis on the dress. Even though they aren’t brightly colored, they’re loud and bold. The majority of Rockabilly Fashion dresses are very slim fitting and fall just below the knee. However, there are many variations. Many are frilled and have a bit more flare.

You can also opt for skirts if you aren’t a big fan of wearing dresses. You want slim, black pencil skirts. Red is a bold choice if you are feeling more confident. You can’t wear skirts or dresses? Buy some black capri pants that are slim and tight. These pants will match any top you have!


There are many styles of heels. There are many styles to choose from for heels. But, it is best to stick to the ones listed above: red, white and black. These colors might even be the official colors of rockabilly.

The most popular heel sizes are 3 and 4 inches. You can also go traditional with saddle shoes if you aren’t a fan of heels. However, these are more Rockabilly Fashion than 50s-style. Mixing things up is okay, so have fun!

You should be aware that Rockabilly Fashion hairstyles for ladies will often have hair pinned up or curled.


Rockabilly makeup is bold and bright. You can start with a bright or deep red lipstick, slathered on thick. Add a bit of eyeliner to create that porcelain doll look. Apply blush to your cheeks to make them rosy pink. Don’t be afraid of using mascara and eye shadow!