The miraculous Rhodiola rosea

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By WalterThornton

This herb was and is still used in many forms of medicines, especially alternative medicine. It is still a new herb to Western countries but in other parts of the world, this herb has been used medicinally since decades. A reason for its late entry into modern medicine might be its non-availability and the difficult to cultivate it. The Rhodiola herb is only found in cold hilly and mountainous regions of Siberia. That means, the plant thrives in harsh climate only. The use of this herb was rampant in rural medicine in countries like Siberia, Russia and even Tibet. Though there are many plants from the Rhodiola family, it is the Rhodiola rosea that has maximum medicinal benefits.

References to Rhodiola have been found even in the earliest form of medicines, dating as far back to 77 AD, amongst Greeks. The outside world came to know of the herb only in 90s when a coach for Russian athletes, Dr. Ben Tabachnik revealed that the herb had astounding effects on the Russian athletes.


Some of these herbs have been used to treat ailments and increase human efficacy since centuries. These days, different types of supplements are available that can bring you many benefits. The supplements derived from Rhodiola rosea herb are popular for its amazing effects. It is also very helpful in peoples having depressions and anxiety. It can also be used for cardiac disorders and in post-workout recovery.


Action of Rhodiola for the Athletic Performance

Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen for the body. Adaptogen is the preparation made as tonic which is a solution for the stress. This is an herbal preparation. Adaptogens have their own benefits as a medicine. The sports performance is in a higher level for this adaptogens. Rhodiola has shown an enhanced strength in the increasing the speed and strength of an athlete for the sports performance like swimming, ski racing and skating. For the gymnastics, weight lifters and wrestlers this has increased the physical capacity, decrease in the fatigue and also improves the mental and physical ability.


To achieve the desired results, rosavin has to be combined with other compounds derived from Rhodiola manily salidroside. This is can be considered as the key compound behind all the reactions.


The possible side effects of Nutrilite Rhodiola

The herb Rhodiola herb, also regarded to be the Nutrilite Rhodiola is known to have very few side effects but the supplements should be taken only after speaking to your doctor. If consumed as per the guidelines and not in excess, Nutrilite Rhodiola will not induce any side effects. Those who are under medication should consume the supplement only after taking expert advice, as reactions with other medicines could induce depression and cold. It could also lead to obesity. Also, since it contain caffeine, it is best to avoid coffee and other caffeine drinks on the days when the supplement is consumed. It is so because too much caffeine can result in nervousness, sleeping difficulties, seizer or can even cause gastrointestinal issues.