Mina Ashido

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By WalterThornton

Appearance of Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is a girl with medium height. She may be a bit larger than her female classmates and has “healthy legs”. Her Quirk makes her skin light pink. She has square eyes, with yellow irises, black sclera, and long eyelashes that run around her eyes. Minoru Mineta once said that she has a “super athletic body”.

Her face is frame by long, unruly pink hair that is slightly darker than her skin. Two thin, pale yellow horns extend from her head. They are hooked straight up and lean diagonally to the opposite sides. These horns appear to be slightly flexible and can bend slightly to either side. She wears the U.A. for girls during school hours. uniform.

The hero costume she wears is a simple white mask that covers her eyes and a bodysuit made of purple and turquoise skin with camouflage patterns. It ends just above her breasts. She wears a cropped, unbuttoned, sleeveless, brown-colored, waistcoat with white fur at its collar. Custom made plum violet and beige, acid-proof boots allow her to secrete acid from the soles.

Her winter costume is identical to the summer version. The only difference is that her waistcoat is now replaced with a longer one and her sleeves are down to her elbows. The shoulder of each sleeve has a large, hexagonal patch with a purple letter “P” (standing for Mina’s hero’s name). Her collar’s fur is thicker and longer, and reaches her chin. Instead of being untied like the rest of her jacket, it is joined by two clasps.

Personality of Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is a happy person.

Mina Ashido, a happy and outgoing girl, is always smiling. She is socially active and enthusiastic. When she is not allowed to attend a party, she becomes very upset. She is a fashionista and loves to shop.

Mina Ashido is a skilled dancer and athlete because of her energy and athleticism. In contrast to her happy-go-lucky personality, her demeanor is more rigid and strict when she teaches others how to dance. She has been known to use her dancing as a way to pacify people in bad relationships.

Mina’s academic performance has been quite poor. Mina Ashido laughs about it, despite her anxiety and frustration. Her classmates often consider her an airhead, second only to Denki Kaminari. Mina can still show dedication to her studies if she receives proper tutoring.

Mina is an extraordinary leader and is considered a hero for her bravery. Mina was a strong advocate for bullying prevention in middle school. She even convinced some bullies to accept her positive and friendly attitude before she entered U.A. Even though she is unable to deal with fear, Mina can put her life on the line for others. She was able to do this when she lied about Gigantomachia to save her friends from the anguish of the giant. The giant left just as she was about to collapse into tears of relief and fear, proving that the ordeal had scared her.

Mina Ashido can be romantic, and is very interested in the lives and relationships of others. However, her suspicions tend to be quite baseless most times. She seems to consider any pairing to be proof of a relationship, regardless of compatibility.


Overall Ability: Mina has a limited combat ability, but she makes up for it by her Quirk proficiency. Her ability to spot Quirk Apprehension Test 9th placed her. Mina is a skilled user of her Acid Quirk. She uses the acid to cover her enemies and can use it in many ways. Mina is also able to control the acid’s solubility. Mina can lower the solubility of her acid to ensure that it doesn’t cause death in most living creatures. Mina can also make extremely slimy acid by increasing viscosity and gluing it onto surfaces. Mina may have difficulty facing human enemies due to her Quirk’s dangerously corrosive properties. She is more comfortable fighting inorganic foes. Mina’s Quirk handling is not the only thing that makes her stand out. She also has the most reflexes of any of the female Class 1-A students and the majority of the general students. [1] Mina can easily dodge Yuga Aoyama’s energy attacks and melt many balls at high speed using precise flicks.

Mina demonstrated her ability to switch between acid-based techniques while working in unorthodox but exemplary teamwork with Minoru during the Joint Training Battle. Mina Ashido was able to intern under the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha. 9 Pro Hero to improve her offensive as well as defensive skills.

Mina shows her dancing skills

Mina is a dance talent. She can pull off break-dance moves quickly and easily. Mina can teach an amateur dancer how to be a good one in a short time. Izuku Midoriya noted that her dance expertise has made her a skilled and quick-reacting fighter. [4]


Acid (San?) Mina Ashido Quirk gives her the ability to create a corrosive fluid from her body. This corrosive liquid can be controlled in terms of its solubility as well as viscosity. She can only produce this corrosive liquid for a certain amount of time before her skin loses its natural resistance.

Mina Ashido is able to use it offensively but also has demonstrated utility, melting handholds for her to climb with, and so on. To slide, she has been known to release a non-corrosive form of the acid from her feet.

Mina Ashido F constantly produced acid as part of her training in order to improve her skin’s resistance, specifically towards the corrosive effects of her Quirk.