The Long and Short of Skirts: This Guide explains the Differences

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The skirt. The skirt is such a simple wardrobe staple that it seems like the perfect choice for so many occasions. A pencil skirt is a great option for a professional look if you are heading to work. You have received a wedding invitation that invites you to attend the vow recitations of your closest and dearest. You will be ready to dance on the dance floor in a midi skirt with volume. You are trying to choose a uniform for a lecture at campus. Plaid minis, which are often reintroduced, are always in fashion. It’s not whether or not you can wear skirts. It’s not whether you can wear a skirt. We’ll be your style guide and break down the most fashionable types of skirts.

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The hemline of a skirt is what defines it. This can be anything from minis that reach the thighs to floor-sweeping maxis or midis that hit the calf. It’s more than just where your hem hits. It’s also important to consider the silhouette, fabric and unique details when choosing the skirt that you want. The details are everything. Skirts can be used to dress up or down any outfit. These are the top styles we recommend that you can wear all year.


  • -Miniskirt
  • -Midi skirt
  • -Maxi skirt
  • Silhouette
  • -Pleated skirt
  • -Pencil skirt
  • -Skater skirt
  • -A-line skirt
  • Fabric
  • -Denim skirt
  • -Leather skirt
  • -Silk skirt

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Different types of skirts by length: Outfit inspiration for every hemline

Let’s begin the length breakdown of our skirt guide. Your hem is the most important detail in different types of skirts. There are many options for lengths. You decide how much leg to show and you are in control. You can add your own style to everything, from activewear to formalwear by choosing a skirt.

The Miniskirt

Miniskirts were popular in London’s swinging 60s and have been a staple of our wardrobes since. The hemlines rose higher and higher over time, starting at the knee. Although there is much debate over its origins designers Mary Quant and Andre Courreges have reimagined this timeless staple for future generations. Keep an eye out for a variety of miniskirts. The miniskirt can be pleated or plaid, leather or tulle.

This skirt is great for all kinds of activities. This skirt is well-suited to the many movements required by sports. Are you ready to take up pickleball A white pleated tennis skirt can be paired with a performance shirt and sneakers. For a casual apres-tennis lunch, add a cable-knit sweater.

Perhaps you are looking for something to wear on a night out. You can channel Carrie Bradshaw’s balletcore spirit and try a tulle miniskirt. When choosing the right top to pair with your miniskirt, be sure to add some edge. Your little tulle top can be paired with a fitted ribbed knit sweater, combat boots, and a vegan leather jacket. Add some color to your evening look with colorful enamel hoop earrings, and a crossbody bag. This look will transform your attitude and make you feel like a true red-carpet artist.

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The Midi: This Type of Skirt is a Good Match for You

The midi skirt is next. This style is a fashionista’s favorite and hits mid-calf. This skirt was a fashion staple in the 70’s, but modern versions are making a comeback. Its mid-length makes this skirt perfect for any season. A midi top can be worn over a swimsuit on a sunny day. For colder winter days, wear a flared skirt of midi length to work with a turtleneck sweater and knee high boots. This elegant length is perfect for bohemian trends such as cottagecore and cabincore. This skirt flatters every body shape and is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Maxi Skirt

Fashion is all about the new. The minimalism of the 1990s is having a moment in spring and summer. Although the maxi skirt is an iconic style, it has only been popularized in the 90s. The ankle-grazing skirt has never looked more chic than when paired with a white button-down by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. This skirt is timeless and can be re-imagined every season. This skirt is the perfect anchor to any ensemble. The maxi can be worn in a variety of styles, including streamlined, printed, and tiered boho looks, or breezy, patterned, and tied boho styles.

The maxi is the best top to wear with long skirts. Tops that emphasize the skirt’s shape and intricate details should be chosen. A fitted shirt is best for a long skirt. You can get a bodysuit or ribbed T-shirt in many colors. They also serve double duty. They allow your maxi to shine and are the perfect base layer for layering or accessorizing.

Different types of skirts: How to style swoon-worthy silhouettes

Now that you’ve covered the hemline options it’s time for silhouettes. The shape is where form meets function. Let’s take skater skirts for an easy spin and pleats are welcome. These skirts are both elegant and effortless, and add a little whimsy to your look.

Pencil Skirts – This Sleek Skirt will make a fine point of your ensemble

The pencil skirt is a slim, sleek silhouette that hugs the hips and has a simple structure. The skirt falls below the knee. However, a pencil skirt can be shortened up to an inch. This style is a business casual wardrobe staple that can be worn anywhere from the corner office to a cafe. To highlight your figure, choose fitted silhouettes that are not too tight. There are many options for pencil skirts.

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The Pleated Skirt: This Type of Skirt is a Good Choice

A style with pleats is one of the most timeless types of skirts. Let’s begin with the basics before we dive into the many types of pleated skirts. A pleat is a folded section of fabric that is sewn or pressed into place. It gives a garment its shape. These rigid folds allow for the skirt to flow, and give it a full look despite its tight structure. There are many types of pleats. The most popular include box, knife, and accordion pleats.