How does the “Gold Room Atlanta” Bottle Service

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By WalterThornton

Table Service Work?

Gold Room Atlanta offers bottle services, also known table service or VIP tables, for most events. This allows you to enter the venue and reserve a section. Here are the details about booking bottle service at Gold Room.

Gold Room Atlanta General Guidelines

  • These are the top facts to know about booking bottle service for Gold Room.
  • Book bottle service at Gold Room Atlanta to enjoy the VIP Experience
  • To get the best location, reservations should Simply Fashion be made in advance for Gold Room Atlanta tables

Bottle service is guaranteed entry, unlike general admission or guest list

We recommend using a credit card, or a payment method that matches your name if you have to prepay for your table. This will prevent any problems at during verification of your table reservation.

About Table Service and Bottle Service at Gold Room Atlanta

Are you still looking for information on booking table service or bottle service in the Gold Room? We have compiled the most commonly asked questions right here.

What Exactly is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service (also known as Table Service) can be confusing for new customers. We have your back.

Bottle service, also known as “getting a Table”, is basically a way to have your own section in a nightclub. This allows you to drink, sit down, and have fun with your friends. Bottle service is usually more expensive than general admission, and you will have to spend hundreds of thousands to get it.

Although it’s not something for everyone, we recommend that you visit  at minimum once in your lifetime.

  • How do I book bottle service in the Gold Room Alanta?
  • Discotech makes it easy to find the event and reserve bottles.

Go to the Gold Room Atlanta Events Section and Select the Event and Date you wish to reserve a table

  • Look out for the Bottle Service section.
  • Click on the table price you are interested in to open a list of tables.
  • Click on the “Submit a Request” button if you don’t find any tables available.
  • Please fill in the information below and one of our bottle service specialists can take care of everything!