Deep clean your carpets before Winter

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By WalterThornton

Apart from dishes, carpets are probably the easiest household items to soil. Unless you have a no-shoe policy, your carpet is a receptacle for all the dirt they’ve picked up in the course of the day. In the winter time especially, you do not want to be cooped up with all that unwanted bacteria, mud, and pollutants. There are too many things to worry about in this world, and a dirty carpet should not be on of them.

The trouble with carpets is you can’t sweep or mop them every day, like you do with other surfaces. You can vacuum, but that just gets rid of dust and surface contamination. It does nothing for stains and particles that have ground into the mesh of the fabric. For that, you need deep cleaning, with brushes and detergent and carpet sealers. Then you need a few days for the carpet to completely dry, and that’s not a practical daily chore. Here are some of the reasons you should deep clean your carpet before the winter:

Keep away pests

Dirty carpets can be a safe haven for pests. This is especially true if you have pets. The carpet becomes a place where dust mites, fleas and other pet based infestations congregate. For those not in the know, dust mites are insects that are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye, but under a microscope, look like a white 8 legged bug. They can cause asthma in children, and all steps should be taken to avoid them.

Dust mites thrive under environments such as a dirty carpet where, as the name suggests, dust might accumulate. To keep these pests away, you should ask an expert to come and deep clean your carpet, with HEPA filters on their equipment. This gets rid of microscopic pests and pet based infestations such as fleas and lice.Expert equipment also takes care of any bacteria that might be in your home.

Fighting odours

No one wants to be stuck indoors with strange odours over the winter. Carpets over time retain all the scents and odours that run through your home. These could include anything from that time you stepped in dog poop to the time you almost burned the house down with your failed pepper steak experiment. All the smoke and other day-to-day odours combine to make an unpleasant winter companion.

Because scent is particulate, opening the windows may not get rid of all the residue. Those stinky microscope particles can easily get trapped in carpet fibres.Deep cleaning helps take care of such nuisances. Experts come with equipment, shampoos and detergents that take care of such smells.

Maintain a clean home

Everyone knows how hard it is to get any substantial cleaning done during the winter. This is precisely the reason why you should get your carpet deep cleaned before winter gets here. Cleaning your carpet gets rid of the different stains including those from pets that use your carpet as a bathroom. All those other spills and stains from the kids, or any parties you might have held can be taken care of then.

Keep the allergens in check

Have you ever noticed that you sneeze a lot during winter? Does your chest seize up and you go into a coughing fit? Do you keep feeling itchy when it gets cold? If any of these questions resonated with you, it might be time to carry out deep cleaning in your carpet. What happens is that carpets harbour a lot of pollutants and allergens. Some of these could be as benign, like dust and pet hair. Others could be more dangerous, such as dust mites and bacteria which can irritate the respiratory tract.

Most of these are accumulated during the warmer months when you spend a lot of time outdoors, and some of these pollutants can your health over time. One of these is mould, which is usually a result of wet spots in your carpet. Since winters will only encourage the growth of toxic mould, it is imperative that you do a proper deep clean of your carpet before then. The specialised equipment that certain carpet experts have will help in the removal of such toxic substances. They can control and eliminate organic toxins that you couldn’t ordinarily handle with a vacuum cleaner and home carpet shampoo.