Tips to Keep Your Beauty Products Safe and Scrubbed

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By WalterThornton

Are You Keeping Your Beauty Products Safe and Scrubbing?

Though mayonnaise has a label advising to store it in the refrigerator after opening, beauty products don’t follow suit. Without knowledge about proper storage for cosmetics, they could reduce their shelf life and become unfit for use – putting your skin at risk!

We all know that sharing isn’t caring when it comes to skincare products, but is this really the only rule you need to follow? Absolutely not. That’s why we’re here with some tips on keeping your cosmetics clean.

Bathroom sinks are not necessary.

Though it may seem convenient to store cosmetics near the shower, doing so is not always a wise idea. Steam from your shower can cause certain cosmetic products to mold and even makeup application tools like sponges and brushes must be stored somewhere else to prevent bacteria buildup on them.

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Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Sunlight not only damages our skin, but it can also speed up the aging process for cosmetics. As active ingredients in skincare products degrade in high heat, they become inactive and cannot function properly; nail polishes exposed to sunlight may change color; thus it’s best to store them somewhere cool and dark.

Make Room in Your Fridge

Heat can shorten shelf lives of items, while cooling temperatures can extend them. That doesn’t mean you cannot make use of them past their expiration dates; after all, your refrigerator isn’t just for makeup! Keep cosmetics with retinol, vitamin C, creams for under eyes sheets, sheet masks and bottles of nail polish in there for easy access when needed.

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Regularly apply lotion or other skin care product.

When was the last time you replaced your makeup sponge? Chances are it has been three or four months since last time. No matter how often you use them, it is recommended to replace them at least every three to four months.

Shut the Lid Tightly

How often do we think about properly closing our lids after using? Bacteria and germs can enter through even small gaps, so to ensure your products remain free of dirt and keep skin healthy, it is essential to securely close the lid after each use.

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