PUMA RSX: How Does it Fit?

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By WalterThornton


The industry was transformed in a matter of seconds when PUMA introduced the PUMA RSX silhouette in autumn 2018. The German footwear company, FUTRO, came up with their own version of vintage-styled chunky shoes, at a time when they were very popular. The Running System brand would reign supreme for many years, and we are not surprised.

The RS line is actually a product that has been in existence since the early ’80s, unbeknownst of many. The RS-X, which features high-quality cushioning and combines it with premium materials and exaggerated tooling, brought this new technology into the 21st century. The iconic Formstrip is also back, a nod towards the idea of honoring the past while embracing the future.

You must find the right pair if you want to get a firsthand experience with the PUMA RSX. We have compiled a size guide to help you choose the right size. We have the feedback of The Sole Supplier team and are here to answer any questions. What shoe size should you get? How comfortable are they? What style should I use? This is the PUMA Running Systems size guide you should read if you have any questions.

PUMA RSX – How do they fit?

Fit: The PUMA RSX is generally true to size (TTS), with a lot of space around your toebox

Comfort: The Running System and IMEVA midsole make the RS-X extremely comfortable.

Cleaning the RS-X is easy with a light brush and warm soapy waters

Styling: This pair is one of the most versatile ever because of its many colourways and collabs.


What do they look like?

You need to be true to size if you want to get the PUMA RSX for this season. If you’re looking to purchase any sneaker from the German giant make sure you order TTS. This silhouette has a wider toebox than normal, but they will still fit if you take a half-size or more up.

Are they comfortable?

The RS-X was not comfortable for me, to be honest. It looks heavy from the beginning, especially with the heavily sculpted upper. But it’s actually quite light. This is combined with the Running System IMEVA midsole and you have a winner.

What style do you use PUMA RSX?

There are many styles and colours available for the RS, but I prefer to wear it with streetwear-focused pieces. This means that you can wear oversized hoodies or cargo pants. I don’t normally like chunky shoes, but this is an exception.

How can you clean them?

Personally, I don’t clean my sneakers because I believe the scuffs give them character. The “Triple White” pair is especially great for the hot summer months.


What do they look like?

This is the only answer, and that’s size. They’re too large if you order too much, and too small if you order too little. Do yourself a favor and size up.

Are they comfortable?

On a scale of 1-10, the PUMA RSX score a solid 8. Although it’s not the most comfortable model, I could wear them for hours without any issues. They are lightweight, which is a plus.

What style do you use?

Because I am a sportsy boy, I prefer a sporty fit. These trainers look best in sweats or T-shirts. I wouldn’t choose any other way.

How can you clean them?

My personal experience with the RS-X is that a soft bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water are sufficient. Place it lightly on the leather or suede and gently brush it in a circular motion. Allow them to dry, and then you are good to go.