Naruto and Hinata wedding: Became the most popular topping

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By WalterThornton

Ichiraku Ramen Due to Naruto

At the time of the wedding, Naruto was at his absolute peak. He had saved the village and the whole world from the war, making him a loved figure. He was so loved that Shinobi began to flock to Ichiraku Ramen to get Naruto and Hinata wedding, hoping it would bring them the same luck as Naruto MangaFreak over the years.

  • This is a significant shift, considering Narutomaki was the most popular topping in Japan before.
  • Choji Passing Out From A Blood Sugar Overload

Food and Choji go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. They never see one another. Choji is known for stuffing his face every opportunity he has. He even gave himself a meal at a nice restaurant as part of his wedding gift to Naruto and Hinata.

Ino and Sakura’s competition to determine who is the best cook was what caused him the most problems leading up to the wedding. He was selected to be the judge, and ended up having a sugar overdose from the sweetness of their rations.

Naruto-Inspired Iruka To Find A Partner In Life

Surprisingly Naruto’s marriage to Hinata led many characters to seek out their own relationships. It allowed Temari and Shikamaru to take things up a level and made Iruka realize he desired the exact same thing.

Because Naruto is now cooking Hinata, he knew he wouldn’t be able to eat at Ichiraku Ramen anymore. It was a shame that Boruto didn’t find him.

Iruka admits that he would have become Mizuki if it wasn’t for Naruto

Although he’s not a major character in the overall scheme of things (Iruka was only important at the beginning of the series), it was great that he had a chance to shine during Naruto and Hinata wedding. Naruto asked Iruka to stand in for his father during the wedding. It was a touching moment that showed how much Naruto and Hinata meant to him.

Shino and Kiba are lost while searching for honey wine. Shino realized that he could be a great teacher. This was something that he hadn’t considered before. Boruto says that this is what he ends up being.

The Last Moments of the Wedding Callback To How Naruto and Hinata Wedding Once Were

Naruto and Hinata wedding  is literally transported back to their former selves in the last moments of the wedding. All of their maturity and seriousness has been stripped away. Hinata, who has had a crush for many years on Naruto, is now looking at Naruto with a smug expression.

It’s a lovely reversion that shows how much they mean to one another and that they can be themselves, without judgement.