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By WalterThornton

It is no secret that the Moringa plant is praised in the world over for its amazing benefits. However, I have always been skeptical about anything that seems so powerful yet so simple. This is especially since I have been misled in the past about different super foods. However, my journey with Nano Singapore’s Fresh Leaf Pure Moringa has been very delightful and the results are very clear.

I got a very poor diagnosis from my doctor regarding my kidneys about six months ago. Due to my genetic makeup, the doctor told me I was likely to suffer kidney failure. This did not come as a shock to me since my mother had suffered from the same in her early thirties. However, the doctor also gave me hope by educating me on Moringa. I became determined to try it out and see if I could manage to beat the odds with this super plant. A quick search of the internet leads me to Nano Singapore’s Fresh Leaf Pure Moringa.

Although I am not a doctor, I feel that Moringa has been very beneficial to me. I recently went back to the doctor for my subsequent checkup and the results were better than I had expected. My kidneys looked better and were functioning optimally. This put hope back into my heart and my once skeptical self is now more believing.

Nano Singapore

The content of Nano Singapore’s Fresh Leaf Pure Moringa

Made from an all-natural ingredient list, this product is formulated into 60 capsules. The major active ingredient is the Moringa leaf which is grounded and bound by cellulose. The cellulose is the inactive agent in the capsules.

Possible benefits

My research on Moringa opened up my eyes regarding this plant. Every part of it seems to be very useful. It is definitely the ultimate super plant. Its leaves, pods, seeds, barks, gums, roots, and flowers are all beneficial in different ways. Traditional civilizations commonly used these parts to treat different ailments. Current studies on the benefits of the leaves indicate that one can benefit from the following;

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Ability to cure pains and spleen problems
  • Contains high iron and calcium content hence beneficial to the stomach
  • Ability to boost the immune system
  • Beneficial for kidneys

What sets apart Nano Singapore’s Fresh Leaf Pure Moringa

I am a very sensitive buyer. Not only do I consider how safe what I buy is but I also factor in issues such as quality and the impact on the environment of the product I am buying.

Nano Singapore’s Fresh Leaf Pure Moringa is made from an all-natural list of ingredients and its motto is “Less is more”. This means that the manufacturing process of this product leaves a very minimal environmental foot print. Also, their customer service is exceptional and all my interactions with their suppliers were some of the best I have had in a very long time. Something else that caught my eye was the fact that the product is certified under various food safety and quality standards.  My journey using this product has truly been amazing.

About Singapore

For those that haven’t heard about Singapore Health Supplements. Singapore is a pretty amazing country often called the “Shangri -La of the East” . Singaporeans enjoy one of the highest healthy life expectancy in the world, ahead of the USA, Switzerland, South Korea & Germany (WHO 2017). They are also the happiest country in Asia Pacific since 2015, ahead of Bhutan (UN-World Happiness Report 2017).

Their students have also scored No.1 in Maths and Science in International Education Tests (TIMSS IEA 2016) since 2016,

Where to Purchase?

NANO Singapore is currently sold on popular online e-marketplaces in Singapore namely Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee. They also have their own website at