Jadah Marie: Makes Dishes for Julie

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By WalterThornton

You may recognize her as Celia in Descendants 3. But Jadah Marie brings her sassy vibes to Julie and the Phantoms!

This Netflix musical series is about discovering your passion and letting go of what holds you back. This show is a must-see: amazing music, dancing numbers that are beyond belief, and – of course – a ghost group!

Jadah plays Flynn, Julie’s spunky best friend, biggest supporter and aspiring DJ. She has an endless supply both one-liners as well as amazing Gucci Bucket Hat outfits. Jadah will soon be releasing her own music. Keep an eye on Jadah’s Insta to see when they are available!

Jadah Marie shares her thoughts on Julie and The Phantoms, her future music and the three things that she cannot live without.

Get to know Jadah Marie

JADAH MARIE – Flynn is the best friend anyone needs. Flynn is a wonderful friend and confidante to Julie.

Julie and Flynn look like two peas in one pod. I’m so happy for everyone to see this show!

Flynn and you have any commonalities?

JADAH: Flynn’s sassy personality is a trait that we both share. Flynn is also a fashion lover and a keen sneakerhead. Flynn’s shoes were amazing! All of the kicks were heaven to me.

Julie and the Phantoms is full of amazing songs and dance numbers. Do you have one?
JADAH: I love that the show is a musical. It was an incredible opportunity to work with Kenny Ortega, a legend in the music industry. I Got The Music and Finally Free are my favorites.

Star Jadah Marie of ‘Descendants 3″ says she’s honored to work with Kenny Ortega again
Jadah Marie joined Disney Descendants for the third installment of 2019. The young actor, who assumed the role of Celia (daughter of Dr. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog), apparently impressed Kenny Ortega.

Marie was recruited by Ortega to star in the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms.

  • Flynn is described by ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ star Marie plays Julie Flynn’s best friend in the Netflix musical series. She considers the connection between the characters to be a comforting one.

Marie stated that Flynn’s relationship with Julie is her favorite part. Their friendship is something everyone needs. “… Their love is unique and extraordinary.”

Jadah Marie saw similarities with her role in ‘Descendants 3″.

Marie shared some similarities with herself when she described her role in Descendants 3.

Marie spoke also of the close bond between cast members, Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson, as well as the late Cameron Boyce.