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Denver Pop Culture Con 2021 has been cancelled due to the events of this past year. In 2020, we had to cancel because of uncertainty about large public gatherings. Given the financial and organizational impact of the pandemic, it is unlikely that 2021 will be able to host the show people expect.

We have had to cut staff positions associated with the annual event due to insufficient revenue. In the face of serious budgetary constraints and a difficult public health environment, we are shifting our focus and staffing to our core Jadah Marie educational mission. We will continue to provide as many pop culture-based education, instruction and community connection opportunities as possible.

Denver Pop Culture Con fans both online and in person

We’ll continue to expand the online offerings for students and teachers as well as aspiring creators and fans of pop culture. We’re also exploring new ways to connect with Denver Pop Culture Con fans both online and in person. This will include a wider variety of content and more community partners. We are committed to the community’s success and we look forward to sharing more information.

“Pop Culture Classroom faces a difficult road ahead. Despite this, we believe we can achieve our goals with the help of our community.

Pop Culture Classroom, a non-profit education group, is located in Denver’s Valverde neighbourhood. It has a mission of inspiring a love for learning, increasing literacy, celebrating diversity, and building community through the use of popular culture and self-expression.

The group hosts Denver Pop Culture Con

The group hosts Denver Pop Culture Con (formerly Denver Comic Con) each year. This event has been a part of Denver’s community for nearly ten years and has helped to fund the nonprofit’s year-round activities.

Denver Pop Culture Con was founded in 1993 and has since grown to be one of the most popular comics- and pop-culture-focused community events in America. It also:

Offers hundreds of hours worth of educational programs. Many of them are free for educators and students.

  • Our local Pop Culture Classroom receives funding for 90 percent
  • Significant local economic benefits — just $10 million in 2017 

Denver Pop Culture Con, formerly Denver Comic Con

Denver Pop Culture Con, formerly Denver Comic Con, is now Pop Culture Classroom. It is a non-profit education and community organization. Pop Culture Classroom uses pop culture such as comics, movies and fiction to promote literacy and encourage learning. 

AURORA (Colo.) – Today, the Aurora History Museum & Historic Sites & Pop Culture Classroom launched “Aurora History That Pops!”, a new initiative that provides middle and high school students with interactive learning experiences that combine education, self expression, and play.

Find out about civics and important local history.

  • Inspire critical thinking
  • develop skills for self-expression.

Scott Williams is the Director of Aurora Museum and Historic Sites. “Aurora has an incredibly rich history,” he said. “Together, with Pop Culture Classroom we have created interactive experiences that combine education, self-expression and play.”

Every Aurora History That Pops! Offering includes historical instruction sessions at Aurora History Museum and Historic Sites, and creative applications for student engagement and self-expression from Pop Culture Classroom.

Matt Slayter, Pop Culture Classroom Education Director, stated that “the educators, parents and students Pop Culture Classroom works alongside in Aurora and other places have made it clear they need new, creative ways to re-engage students.”

“Aurora History That Pops!” Programs are specifically designed to inspire students and engage them in learning and support educators in their efforts.

The Spring 2021 semester “Aurora History That Pops!” will be available from March 22 through October. It includes:

Civic in the City — Students learn about the structure and functions of the local government. They also practice listening to and respecting other views and share their ideas about city policies at a mock council meeting. Other activities include mock city council meetings and other activities that highlight the ways in which the local government creates and votes on policies. The students will create comics that explain the local government. They will also learn the basics of comic design, such as sequential images and drawing panels.

Museum and Historic Sites Tours — Students visit local landmarks to learn more about their communities, such as the Gully Homestead House and Coal Creek Schoolhouse from the 1930s. They will then create original comics using the information they have about the places and learn the basics behind comic creation.

Science Fiction Land — Students will explore Iran’s 1953 coup. They will trace history from Aurora’s Science Fiction Land failure to historical role in history to 1979 hostage crisis in Iran. Through research and exploration of pop culture, students will learn about geography and history.

Virtual Discussions: Aurora in the World — After reviewing the museum’s online exhibits and participating in an educator-facilitated discussion, students can then discuss the museum’s online exhibits. For Middle and High School students, the exhibits and discussions topics include current and pertinent issues like Immigrant/refugee stories, Civic Growth through the 20th Century, Religion in Aurora, voting, and other relevant issues. Students’ feedback will be used for creating additional comic-, comic- and cosplay-based on-ramps to promote local learning and engagement.