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Bape Shoes has made footwear collaborations a key part of its brand identity over the years. It has partnered with many partners, including Vans and New Balance. The Montreal-based entity recently dropped a two-piece capsule with Danner. Now, it is taking a moment to show off a jaw-dropping collaboration it has in the works for 2022

Bape Shoes has designed the sneaker’s overall design. He uses a minimalistic language and neutral tones to create the silhouette. The shoes’ premium leather toe boxes, side panels, laces, tongues, and midsoles are all dressed in white. Meanwhile, the heel overlays and tongue branding, as well as the signature STA logos, are splattered with neutral gray. You will also see metallic silver details on the eyelets, lace tips and side panels.

This special makeover also applies to the box that these impending kicks are stored in. The box is wrapped in white and gray BAPE camo patterns, silver shoes while the sides are covered with a JJJJound yellow hit. Take a look at the pair below. These are expected to be released during the Spring/Summer 2022 seasons.

Bape Shoes Sneakers: A Star is Born

Although it may appear that brands are riffing on well-known silhouettes is a new trend, such as designer sock sneakers inspired by athletic shoes or simple Champion hoodies at thousand-dollar prices, it’s actually been around for some time.

Take NIGO’s BAPE. The brand has reinvented iconic sneakers by placing a lightning star at the side of footwear. BAPE recently collaborated with adidas. However, the brand also took inspiration from Vans, Puma, and Nike to create its own footwear.

Bape’s iconic silhouette, the Bapesta was first introduced in early 2000s. It’s a nearly exact replica of Nike’s Air Force 1, which was released in 1982. These differences are subtle but crucial. The Swoosh was replaced by the lightning star, and the words “APE” (or “BAPE”) replaced the “AIR”, which is usually found on tennis shoes the Air Force 1’s Midsole. The most important thing about the Bapesta’s construction was its use of patent leather. This gave the pair a unique sheen that Uptowns, the Air Force 1’s most popular nickname, didn’t have. The shoes look essentially the same, however. The Bapesta is not to be mocked or demonized, but rather celebrated. It is a symbol of the meta-referential and subversive methods that influenced early streetwear – an idyll rather than plagiarism.

These are eight of the most significant Bapestas that have been released in the past 15 years. They show why the shoe is so important to sneaker culture.

It would be a huge sell-out if Kanye West and BAPE collaborated on a Bapesta for 2019. They did this even before Kanye West was Kanye in 2007.

Bape Shoes beige-brown-red color featured Kanye’s cartoon bear and late registration albums. There was also a tricolor “APE” on the midsole. The Kanye pair did not have patent leather, unlike many Bapestas.

BAPE’s role in hip-hop’s early 2000s is the reason for the collaboration’s existence. [Pharrell Williams] (and myriad other American rappers) popularized A Bathing Ape during the early-to mid aughts, and the Bapesta was a more luxurious alternative to the ever-popular Air Force 1. The BAPE x Kanye West Bapesta vans gol shoes was born in this context of A Bathing Ape and hip-hop.

Despite hip-hop’s obsession with BAPE, it didn’t mean that they would be a success. The sneakers were surrounded by a mythical aura due to their scarcity. Kanye’s success in the years following ensured that they lasted a long time. These are, undoubtedly, the most well-known pair of Bapestas.

JJJJound, a Montreal-based retailer, continues to make a splash in the sneaker market with some eye-catching collaborations. The retailer has reworked the iconic BAPE STA, a departure from its usual work with New Balance.

The JJJJoundxBAPE STA will feature a premium leather upper and grey details on the BAPE branding logos and outsole. This is keeping with JJJJound’s minimalist approach to fashion sneakers. The iconic BAPE ABC camo is in grey, and can be found on the shoe’s box. JJJJound lettering has been dipped into gold.

The Bape Shoes STA collection will be available on noon EST and on official BAPE online channels, as well as in all worldwide BAPE shops. Keep checking SoleSavy to get more sneaker news from your favorite brands like JJJJound and BAPE.

If you’re looking for the OG hypebeast brands, A Bathing Ape is one you must know. The streetwear brand was founded in Japan by Nigo in 1993. It has grown tremendously since then, expanding beyond collabs to other markets, such as home accessories.

Apart from the iconic Ape head logo tees, the Air Force 1-inspired BAPESTA low is another iconic product of BAPE. BAPE does produce a variety of iterations for the BAPESTA Low, including a special edition colorway in commemoration of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics or the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

HypeGeek, our friends, decided to do ape and get a treasure trove of BAPE gear. This includes the Tokyo 2021 BAPESTA Low penny hardaway shoes as well as several other BAPE goodies such coasters, a Gucci-inspired scarf, and many more.

The main highlight is the BAPESTA Tokyo 2021 premium Air Force 1-inspired pair. It has cool color blocking and represents all five Olympic logo colors. It is unique because the color blocking for each pair is different.

The premium BAPESTA sneaker has always used soft, plush tumbled leather for its upper. They come with their own dust bags, being marketed as an “upscale” sneaker.

The sneaker’s expensive look is completed by the premium leather and dust bags. The BAPESTA Low is $300 (Php 15.k), which makes it much more expensive than the Air Force 1 Low or a collab version. Is the premium worth it? BAPESTAs are rarer than Air Force 1s so it is worth the effort to find one.

It’s no surprise that the Bapesta shoes are going to be the next big thing in the UK next year due to their vibrant appearance. In recent years, we have seen the rise of plimsolls in bland colors or blacks as well as the boat shoe which is now out of fashion. The Bapesta shoe will not be available at highstreet stores, but they are still on the footwear list for this year.

The best thing about trainers is their exclusivity and uniqueness. It’s almost impossible to find two people wearing the exact same pair of shoes or the same colour. There are many collections, including the comic hero and novelty collection. These are not the most exciting collection, but they can spice up even the most boring outfits.

The Bapesta is versatile and can be worn with any plain, white, or grey shirt or t-shirt. It can also be worn with jeans or shorts. They won’t suit everyone, but they are worth the effort. If you’re looking to get ahead of the dicks golf shoes pack, ditch your Timberland boat shoes or Topman plimsolls, and grab a pair of Nigo’s sneekers.

How do Bape Shoes fit?

The size of BAPE sneakers is usually true to size. You should try a pair Nike Air Force 1s first and then order your BAPESTAs the same size. BAPE sneakers can sometimes run half a size larger than the usual. If you feel uncomfortable with the true-to-size fit, then consider ordering a half-size up.

Is Nigo still a Bape Shoes owner?

A Bathing Ape (or simply BAPE) is a Japanese fashion brand that was founded in Ura Harajuku by Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao), in 1993. The company was purchased by I.T Group, a Hong Kong fashion conglomerate, for $2.8 million in 2011. Nigo left the brand at the end of 2013.

Are they still making Bapestas

The BAPESTA was first released in 2000. It has become an iconic streetwear item. The silhouette has been redesigned and is back jimmy choo wedding shoes in its best form for 2021.

What is NIGO worth in value?

The painting, along with other artworks, was sold by Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2019 for $14.8million. His art collection sold for $28 million.